Casper ‘Own Your Bed Head’ Project – 5 Tips to Taming Morning Bed Hair

The lovely ladies from Casper got in touch with me about joining their Own Your Bed Head project where they’ve invited beauty enthusiasts to share their tips on dealing with dreaded bed hair. In this post I will give you my 5 tips on how to deal with the birds nest we all wake up to however large or small.

So a bit about Casper…

They are a sleep start-up that launched this spring and specialise in latex and memory foam mattresses that is supposed to be top dog when it comes to sleep comfort. Supposedly something quite perfect with “Just the right sink, just the right bounce”, Casper seem to have created something of a perfect balance. You can check out their products here and have a browse of their website, seriously… it looks like a dream.

So moving onto my top tips for mane-taming. I have naturally very frizzy hair that recently has been more difficult to manage as I’m colouring it bleach blonde every few weeks and getting rid of any morning mayhem whilst still being kind to my hair has proved a struggle although when you have the routine down it really is a breeze to manage. Do keep in mind that all hair is different, you know your hair better than anyone so adapt your products and tools to fit you!

1) Prevent

There are a few things you can do to prevent your hair getting too crazy in the morning and making it easier to deal with when you wake up. Firstly, if it needs to be washed then leave time for it to air dry before bed if you can. If you want to get to sleep quickly then try blow drying it roughly and if you’re really strapped for time then just blow dry the roots.

2) Another way to prevent it is to sleep with it in a certain style, two of my personal favourites being the low pony and french braids. The low pony is simple and less obvious. It merely keeps all your hair in one place minimizing it’s ability to get out of hand while you’re peacefully dreaming. French braids may seem a little 1999 of me but hear me out. When I sleep in french braids it’s usually because I need to whizz out the door with my hair being hassle free – I don’t take the braids out to reveal a Lizzie McGuire style crimp I keep them in going for a Sport Lux kind of feel.


Okay so you couldn’t help falling into bed and drifting off before doing any of these steps so now we’re in the fixation stage. It’s too late, you’ve left your hair unguarded all night and now we need to fix it.

3) Experiment with detangling brushes. My all time favourite is the Tangle Teezer (and the version for wet hair). The varying plastic bristle lengths means the brush glides through the hair separating each strand instead of catching and tearing your hair out – always a bonus!

4) Smooth it out. After a long nights sleep we need to put all the goodness back into the hair and smooth it over after our brushing. My favourite product for this is my Morrocan Oil because it no only makes it feel gorgeously soft but also repairs my hair and give it the nutrients my dry ends need. If you are looking to spend less money on a smoothing product then I recommend the VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum which give will give you less of the nourishment but still a soft finish.


5) Lastly let’s make it sleek, salon looking and shiny with some finishing products. I love the Bumble and Bumble Shine on finishing spray. It can be oily if you use too much, so use it sparingly to make sure you’re left shiny and glossy rather that oily and greasy. However, for over £20 it comes with a steep price tag and so if you wanted to try a finishing mist for a cheaper price before moving onto the serious stuff then give Umberto Giannini Salon Shine Glossing Mist a try.


I hope you found this helpful! Let me know your favourite ways to keep your hair in check in the morning either in the comments below or through my Twitter or Instagram @nancydnewan & @nancynewman – I would love to hear from you!


Nance xxx


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