A Little Superdrug Haul


I popped into Superdrug earlier this week not for a little browse (this never means just to browse). I wasn;t overly impressed by what the main big brands were offering and when I walked past NYC I saw a few interesting things I thought would be good to write a budget make-up post about. I walked out with mostly NYC products and a cheeky MUA product. Here’s a sneak peek at what I bought – Do you have any of these products? Would you be interested in reviews of these products? Let me know in the comments or via social media!



My first impressions of this lip colour in Blue Rose is that it is gorgeously pigmented and creamy – it definitely feels like a high end product when it set me back only £1.99



This lip laquer in Rockaway Ruby is a highly pigmented, non-sticky formula I think I might come to like – plus, it only set me back £3.99 and even less with their 3 for 2 promotion.


These two palettes are directed for those with brown eyes in midtown mauve and green eyes 943 (I have blue…) but I couldn’t resist the colour combinations of this palette and the £3.99 price tag. I used it today and although they are not densely packed pigment like high end brands like loran and urban decay they are lightly build able without being chalky and lasting all day with a primer – so so far I think I can definitely work with these with no problem!IMG_0037.JPG



These are definitely what I was most excited about. I’ve wanted to try the hyped Sunny Bronzer at a complete steal for £1.99 and somehow added on this beautiful looking MUA highlighter in Iridescent Gold for £3. I was initially drawn to a more bronze version of this product but I definitely don’t need a replica of my MAC Soft n Gentle so I decided to go for something different and so far, so good!

I ended up leaving with all of these products for just over £12 with their amazing 3 for 2 offer on top of the affordability of the two brands. Do have a browse in super drug if you get a chance because they are on top form.


Nance xxx


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