Life’s A Peach | 4 Blush’s To Get You Through The Spring |Budget & High End


You know those morning when you wake up and before you’ve even looked out of the window, you can tell by the kind of light that it’s gorgeous outside? Well this morning the most beautiful blue sky flooded my bedroom and I decided that it is now official – we can all start getting excited for Spring.

Spring in England is a bit of an odd one. Sometimes it’s beautiful (I’ve had beach weather in March before) and sometimes (almost always) it is a bit (a lot) of a disappointment. It’s bright enough to want to wear a swing dress and bare legs but cold enough for you to know that after a 10 minute wait for your bus and seeing black clouds closing in; you’ll definitely regret that.

Anyway, after the ice cold, dull, dark winter we’ve had and the horrible pitch black 5oclocks, it is time for a turn around which means one thing (other than Easter and chocolate) – PEACH COLOURED EVERYTHING.

These are my four peachy blushes that I will now be wearing all day e’ry day until spring turns into summer and summer turns into winter.

The Maybelline Bouncy Blush (£2.25) is one for cream blush fanatics. If you like a subtle, warm tone to your cheeks that looks smooth and more like a natural flush to your cheeks then this deep coral tone will suit you perfectly. On top of that, it will work beautifully on your skin all day and stay in place. For extra longevity use your favourite face primer underneath or set with a setting spray/translucent powder. This. Product. Is. Such. A. Bargain. Can you really go wrong?

For those who love a strong highlight on your cheek bone and the perfect hybrid product – a coral blush with beautiful highlighting qualities – then this Milani Baked Blush (£9.29) is the one for you. This might be one of my top favourite blushes. It’s a bold statement but trust me. This is so light to wear and has a gorgeous subtle pigmentation. This is build-able to a pretty warm glow or can be swept across the cheeks for a light shimmer with a touch of peach. It’s a little bit pricier than most drugstore brands, but not formula is faultless and it is a U.S brand, so I think the price is pretty reasonable and definitely worth it.

Sleek’s Suede blush (£4.49) is a brilliant budget option for a strong matte blush for your collection. It’s quite fierce so make sure you use a light hand and a good quality brush to avoid looking like a clown. This is my go-to blush for when I have a tan. It will suit almost all skin types, but there’s something about this shade with a bronzed face that is just perfection. This is such a steal of a product. Sleek to bargain products that are seriously good quality. If you’re budget conscious at the moment then this is an absolute must-have that will serve you well.

Finally it is my current favourite, Nars ‘Madly‘ (£23). There is something about their blush formula which creates the most effortlessly perfect effect. You don’t need to know anything about make-up to look 10/10 with this on. I’m pretty sure you could apply it with your fingers and somehow it would work. Their formulas are buildable to the point that you won’t even think anything has gone onto your face, but when you look at the difference wearing it to not wearing it there is just that something special. There is no proper way to describe it (Is it pathetic that I am unable to articulate my love for a make-up product?) it is just that little something that makes you glow. Madly is a rather bland looking shade. It looks almost nude and flesh coloured with a slight coral tint. Applied it transforms into a deep and subtle colour that will add that aforementioned something (helpful, I know…) to your cheeks.

BEWARE : Once you buy your first Nars blush you will want to buy them all.

Think of it this way, say no to that meal out this week and get the Nars blush instead – £23 is a cinema trip and a good meal, so stay in this saturday night and watch netflix instead. Everyone wins.

If you don’t want to break the bank then the other 3 products will see you perfectly through Spring, you don’t need to splurge for good products.

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know what you think down below via social media. Tell me your favourite Peachy Blush Products.

Nancy xox


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