Feeling Nude | My Favourite Products to Get a Nude Lip |


It has been so long since I have worn a dark lip. Usually from September to March I am non-stop scrubbing my lips with make-up remover trying to get rid of that well known post-red lip clown look we all love so dearly. This winter, however it has been all about the pale, beige, nude lips with a hint of peachy pink. My Cyber and Rebel are pretty much entirely unused. Sad times…

Whilst the perfect nude lipstick has not yet found me, I have found a pretty good mixture of products that gives me more or less what I am looking for. however, what that is exactly, I’m not too sure. I guess, I want to find is a product that is matte (my preference), long wearing and not drying that in one swipe puts me somewhere in the not too beige, definitely not pink (why do people call pinks nudes? They’re pink…), Kylie Jenner (but less exaggerated) realm. Is that a hard ask? I’m not sure.

If anyone has found such a product then pipe up now as I’m still on the hunt.

What I’ve been doing – which I mentioned recently on my youtube channel – is mixing two MAC lip colours and two lip liners.

11070586_10152726876002747_85102792_oI rarely apply both lip liners so don’t worry this really is an easy routine. They are both quite similar, although the MAC Staunchly Stylish really is a deep peachy pink and Chalotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is a light peachy/soft baby pink. If I want a more nude finish or I’m drawing over my lip line to make them appear fuller, then I will line my lips with Pillow Talk and for a darker effect I will use the Mac. The Mac liner is also longwearing, so I often use it for days that I know will be longer, or more stressful than usual. Really, they are pretty interchangeable but I thought I’d throw them both into this post instead of feature one, because there isn’t one I’d say I used more than the other!

Did that make any sense at all?

I also make sure that once I’m happy with the lip line that I’ve drawn, I fill in my entire lip with the liner so it looks more natural.

For Lipsticks, I use (below) MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 and the Limited Edition (SORRY!)  Enchanted One from their Alluring Aquatics collection. Temptalia, the source of all make-up genius and endless lists of dupes, recommends that it is similar to MAC’s Antonio Girls but I have never tried it so I couldn’t confirm that.

I apply the Viva Glam first as that’s got an amplified finish and I’m not one for shiny lips – they make me look messy and all kinds of crazy… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. After, I apply the matte Enchanted One and dab it on top of the Gaga shade for a pretty mixture of the striking beige colour and the slightly peachy toned beige of the second colour that helps me not to look too drained with such a pale colour and puts a little more life into my lips.

I would love to hear what your favourite nude lip products are – let me know in the comments below or via social media!

Did you manage to get a hold of any of these limited edition products while they were available?

I’ll speak to you all soon,

Nancy xox


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