Currently Coveting: 3 Pink Shades To Take Your Lips Into Summer


A lot of my blog is taken up with swatch after swatch of pink lipsticks, what can I say, I know what I like and I stick to it. I’m working on experimenting but haven’t quite got there yet. I thought I’d update you on my three current favourites that have made me fall back in love with lipsticks after feeling like my lips and summer just weren’t compatible. These shades are on the higher end side, Mac and Nars, so if you’re looking to spend between £15 and £25 then I’ve got a few options for you here. Apologies, I didn’t swatch them on my lips because they are not in the greatest shape right now. I’m a serial lip picker… a little gross I know.

First up we have Mac’s Taupe (£15.50). A recent find for me and featured in my recent youtube haul of products i picked up whilst in NYC in April, this has swiftly become a favourite (bold statement but definitely worthy!). Not only is this a beautiful deep, Kylie Jenner-esque brown/orange toned colour that perfectly suits a darker lined lip but it is also a matte finish; my absolute favourite. A lot of people think Matte lipsticks are too drying and while some of the MAC shades are, the majority of them are pulled off very well. If you like matte I’m afraid you might be finding yourself often having to reach for the higher end to get really great finishes although drugstore options do exist (another blog post maybe?). I feel like this would be the perfect summer evening shade. Instead of a red lip, this finishes a beautiful, subtle and sophisticated look.


Secondly, we have Nars’ Vanessa (£24). I raved about this in my recent video too as it really is the combination of everything which makes this such a stand-out product. This is much more rosy than Taupe and sits nicely between a rose pink and a nude toned pink. It’s cute and playful but still looks clean and sophisticated. Nars calls it a ‘mauve nude’ which is a much better way of describing this, really. The formula of this is so beautifully creamy without looking thick and sticky. It’s got a beautiful gloss that is a semi-matte satin that makes it great for someone who usually goes for matte lipsticks. I find overly glossy lipsticks throw off the balance and make me look messy but this one is a perfectly muted sheen. The only nit-pick I have with this is that it can highlight the flakier bits of my lips. Having said that, I have very difficult lips to please. They are dry and prone to chapping but giving my lips a once over with my toothbrush to soften them does help with this application. Because it’s a satin the longevity is not as good as the entirely matte products. It doesn’t last as long with food and drink but I find I never expect them to as it seems quite the impossible task. When it does start to wear, it leaves a nice stain that keeps me looking together and still gives a clean look. All round, most will absolutely adore this product, and the shade is bizarrely quite unique once on the lips!


Apologies for the fluff around the lipsticks, my handbag lining is currently shedding!

Lastly is my favourite of them all, MAC’s Viva Glam II. This shade is a slight hybrid of the two products. Mac describe this as a ‘Muted pink-beige with shimmer’. I haven’t noticed any shimmer at all so I would ignore that bit. It’s got the earthy beige tones while being softened by the rosy pink making it wearable and flattering as an alternative to yellowy beige nude tones. I adore this with a slightly darker lined lip, MAC’s subculture is great. I accidentally left this out of my New York haul video and it funnily enough it is undoubtedly the most worn since I got it in April. It works for everyday no matter what the occasion and just somehow works. This is a satin finish, similar to ‘Vanessa’ but really has a more matte than shiny finish – again, a perfect hybrid of the other two picks. It not as harsh as matte lipsticks, so if matte is not for you but you love these shades then this should be your pick!


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