Foxy Locks Clip-In Hair Extension Review & Swatch


My hair extension journey began at the young age of about 15. I feel as if I’ve really tested the hair extension waters from the cheapest synthetic hair extensions you find at the back of beauty stores to the premium online finds such as Hershesons, Dirty Looks (formally Headkandy) etc. As my favourite Dirty Looks were starting to get a tad tatty after about a year and a half I thought I’d give Foxy Locks a try as the company belongs to a fellow youtuber and a LOT of people absolutely rant and rave about them. Imogen, the founder of Foxy Locks is one of the first people I ever started watching on youtube, so it definitely has a special place in my heart. Having not watched Imogen’s channel for years and years, stumbling across her again on the UTooob (and her Instagram, which I have to tell you is serious goals-she is absolutely gorgeous!) I snapped up some Foxy Locks to give them a test run.

I got the Deluxe set which comes with 20 inches of hair (about waist length, although I’m rather small so measure it out on yourself if you’re an average sized human) and 165g. The colour I got was Platinum blonde you can find the direct link here. Imogen recommends this colour for bleach white blondes and also those looking to dye the hair as it’s so light it will take colour the best… even if going darker, it’s like a blank canvas. I was planning on toning my extensions to a lighter silver/white colour but I haven’t so far for a few reasons:

1) Human hair extensions are very sensitive to colour and I didn’t want to risk staining the hair slightly purple as I’ve done in the past.

2) They felt so silky smooth I just couldn’t face putting anything on them or getting them wet.

3) I’ve been keeping my hair slightly more blonde recently and not toning it silver as often or at all some weeks. I feel like I need a tan as my silver is definitely washing me out at the moment… alas only a month a half to go until I can bronze up on holiday!

This is how they arrived- in cute pink packaging. If you’ve bought hair extensions before you’ll know that you get a little separate section with one clip in of hair which you can try against your own hair to see if you’re happy with it before tearing into the main pack and not being able to return it. So hold the little piece against your hair before you reach the point of no return with expensive hair that may or may not suit!



Colour wise I had a love-hate relationship with them to begin with. I was expecting a bright white and I was slightly disappointed with how yellow toned they looked in some lights. This is a consistent issue with me. Every time I get my regrowth covered in the hair salon my hair dresser (the wonderful Claire from Electric in Brighton) has to convince me that my hair is much whiter/silver(er?) than I think and that I’m not just a bright yellow blonde.  I keep thinking it’s much more of a basic yellow bleach blonde than it actually is and I can see how tricky it is to match with my hair. For most standard bleach blondes this colour will be absolutely perfect. I have since come to terms with the fact that I am not as yellow as I think and I’ve been keeping my hair much less silver so that I can wear these although I think after my holiday I will give toning them a try!

Here are some photos of the colour -I’ve tried to keep it as natural lighting as possible because my camera can be very deceiving!



PicMonkey Collage

^I think this picture shows how it looks yellow and white in different lights, It a very versatile bleach blonde because of that.

So far (I’m a month in) the feel of these hair extensions have held up amazingly. They are still silky soft after I have straightened them, curled them etc. and they still absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t be happier with how they feel and how glossy they make my hair look. The top of my hair is a little dull and dry from the bleach so these really amp up the all-round sleekness of my hair.

This is what they look like in my hair – at first I found them difficult to blend, but put them in clean hair and brush them all through together and they’ll look brilliant- that’s what I’ve found. If you have just been to the gym and your hair is frizzy and your make-up is melting off your face, like me in the photos below, then maybe you won’t do them justice…but here’s a rough idea (excuse the general mess of my face!).



Anything I don’t like?

Well, not a lot, but there are a few things that I would change in a perfect world. I found the ends to be a little thin. It’s not something that would put me off repurchasing but when you’ve got quite a lot of pieces in and the top looks so full of volume the ends are almost noticeably finer. At times it makes it look more realistic, like your won hair thinning out at the ends but I also find that because natural hair is a bit thicker you can sometimes see the bridge between the real and fake hair. As I said though, this doesn’t put me off the extensions it just makes me blend it in more carefully.

I paid £83.99 for my extensions (With next day delivery!!)- the basic price for the extensions was £78. It wasn’t the cheapest set that they do as the basic set I felt wouldn’t be thick enough to blend with my naturally thick hair (they are all single wefts so I don’t think it would’ve covered it properly). I would love to try out the thicker sets but they were slightly out of my price range. They are by no means expensive for hair extensions (they get much much more expensive than this for very similar quality), especially for the length that I got but I would like a double weft to bump up the thickness without having to wear as many clips. This is just my preference as many people don’t like more than single wefts or find them heavy or too bulky.

Overall these extensions are gorgeous. They make me feel like I have sassy princess hair and I couldn’t love them any more. If you’re looking to buy some hair extensions then take a look at Foxy Locks here. Imogen will definitely persuade you, you can find her Youtube here and her instagram is @ImogenFoxyLocks or

Here are a few pics of me when they’re more styled so you can get a feel of what I do with them on a day to day basis…

PicMonkey Collage2

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