Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation Review & Swatch


I had been looking for a nice light dewy foundation for months until stumbling across this product in a youtube video by GlamLifeGuru. I had fallen in love with the rimmel BB cream in ‘radiance’  but this product really just goes that little extra mile and is completely failsafe like a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products. The Rimmel BB cream (£6.99) which you can find here is a great cheaper alternative but I have to say it falls a little short on the Light Wonder (£32).

I tried to purchase this from Selfridges in the shade fair 1 or 2 but both were sold out every time I went to get it. I’m not sure why Selfridges are out of stock on what must be the most popular two shades. Because it’s not sold in many shops you’d think they would manage their stock a bit better. I ended up getting way too impatient and buying shade 3 seeing as its summer and I’m wearing a more bronzed face and also hoping I can wear it when I’ve got a bit of colour on my face. It was a rash decision and I should have waited but nonetheless I adore this product and I can make the colour work quite easily.

My fellow dry skin gals will know the difficulty of finding a good foundation that ticks all the boxes. It can’t cling to dry bits, it can’t settle in the fine lines, it can’t cake your face up, it can’t make you look too matte and lifeless or dull and scaly… it’s a tough one. If you’re constantly searching for a dewy, LIGHT coverage foundation then you’ll most likely enjoy this product. The finish is very light and I could hardly feel anything on my face at all. If you like a heavier coverage then this is definitely not for you. It’s perfect for those days you want a glow and really is the crux of what this product is about. It gives you that extra glow that makes people say- ‘Gosh you look so well! Have you been on holiday?’.. I love that, don’t we all? This will let your freckles and small blemishes shine through which is a finish I really love in the warmer months (even thought it’s not that warm in London, but let’s go with it). This is how it finished on my skin. I love how sheer the coverage is but how natural and simple the overall effect is.


I need to work on my lips…


The consistency is smooth and a little goes a long way if you blend it in with your fingers as opposed to a brush or beauty blender like I did in my first application. It melts nicely under your fingers and just blends with skin so beautifully. It’s not a mousse or thick, it’s runny and turns almost to feel like water when you apply it with fingers. Annoyingly for some, it comes in a little tube (no pump). While I do like this format because I think it makes it easy to control how much product comes out and fits nicely into your make-up bag as it’s slim and not bulky, some people find this annoying and inconvenient.



When I first used this product I found it moved around my face throughout the day and did not stay in place very well at all. It’s a very liquid product so I underestimated how much it could slip around my face, especially when it’s warm and you’re buzzing around the place. As a dry skin gal I never have to powder my face but with this product I do. In a way I feel it is so dewy that giving it a bit of powder tones down the dewiness and gives you the nice glow I keep rambling on about. Because I never use it, I don’t have a powder that I really adore, although Charlotte Tilbury’s pressed powder (£33) is the one I use with it, and it does work well.  If you are looking for:

  • light coverage
  • a dewy finish
  • an outer glow
  • a way to brighten up a dry, dull complexion
  • a soft summer foundation with SPF (15)
  • a lightweight formula

then this is perfect for you. If you want something thick with full coverage that will keep you flawless and won’t budge all day then this isn’t the product for you. I am currently in love! Have any of you guys tried it? Do you love it or hate it or have a different foundation that you’re loving for summer? Let me know in the comments!

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