Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer Swatch and First Impression


Clinique is a brand that I’ve always had good experiences with but for some reason never found myself constantly coming back. I think I’d labelled it as a skincare brand for mums- but the new Pop lipsticks have definitely changed my mind and got me really excited about exploring Clinique’s make-up goodies. After seeing them all over social media, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards them at the Selfridges counter. The way I’d seen them applied to softly but with beautiful pigmentation made the £16 price tag even more inviting.

The colour selection is pretty good. There are some deep, coral and cherry reds, brown, pink and beige nudes, muted pink and purple berry colours and my favourite, ‘Melon Pop‘ the perfect pinky coral.

The formula is an interesting one. It’s supposedly a primer and colour in one product- although I’m not sure in what sense they intend that. Primer’s can be smoothing products, to make sure the products applies seamlessly, without creasing or settling in imperfections and adding moisture or it can be a masking skin toned colour that makes the colour pop as if painted onto a blank canvas- not diluted by your own natural lip colour. Im not entirely sure what one they were aiming for but I think, from my first wear, that it’s a bit of both. The product is incredibly creamy and moisturising so it definitely glides on easily but the pigmentation is the most surprising part. The feel of the product is similar a Revlon Lip Butter – which is a balmy product with a sheer finish to add a hint of colour. However, this product somehow feels like a hybrid of a generic lipstick with a balm as it’s light but has a huge punch of colour.


It looks like a balm finish but you can see almost all of my botched lip blemishes have been covered. I love how it looks really light and moisturising for a soft look, but the intensity of the colour is still on point. I lined my lips with a similar colour before applying the product. Because it’s such a silky product and my lip line isn’t very defined naturally, I wanted to make sure they were nicely finished.


I would recommend lining your lips even if you have a defined natural line because the product is so soft I feel it almost needs something to keep the edge sharp. You know how creamy lipsticks can look messy around the edges…

I saw in a video that popped up on my Facebook of a demonstration of these lipsticks, that you can layer up the colour for greater colour impact which is so handy. If you want it sheer you can apply a light coat and then build it up for a strong, solid colour. The picture below is one added application which I absolutely loved. I think the choice between a sheer and heavy coating is brilliant but I did have to blot my lips to stop it looking almost cakey. Once blotted, it looked more matte and cleaner – which I prefer.


Because of it’s creamy texture I’m not sure the longevity would be great. I certainly don’t think it would hold up through a meal but then again, it doesn’t claim to. It left a nice stain on my lips throughout the day and my lips felt smooth and moisturised all day. Don’t expect it all to stay in place though- Clinique claims it keeps them moisturised for 8 hours – which I can easily believe, but your lips will be more of a soft stain than strong lasting colour. Again, this is something I like about it!

Overall: Seeing the product in the beauty hall amongst YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford etc. I was expecting to pay over £20. The £16 price tag is something I adore about the product. Clinique really has delivered a great product at an affordable price for a premium product. I will definitely be buying more colours for the summer time because they are my ideal type of product for summer holidaying! If you’re strapped for cash then I’d say the Revlon Lip Butters are a suitable alternative (definitely not a dupe) but if you like soft, buildable colour that keeps your lips happy then shop the Lip Pop Primer and Colour here!

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