Knitted Frills and Denim Kick Flares

For a casual stroll around town, comfort is key, and I cannot explain just how comfy and cosy this outfit was. Most days I wear trainers, but these low block heel flats from Zara were surprisingly wearable. I usually wear them to work, so it was nice to find a way to style them casually. I actually found that the ruffles on my sweater were too big to fit in any jacket I own, so had to opt for an old Topshop longline vest jacket. I love the way it came together, although I would have loved it more if I had the vest in a different colour or texture to contrast against the knit. But hey, you can’t get it perfect every time, right? These jeans from Urban Outfitter’s, BDG label have been my favourite for a few months now. I believe I got them near my Birthday time, which is September and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I find it really difficult to pull off any denim that isn’t skinny because of how short my little legs are. Especially flares, they are usually far to long to even wear practically but when it comes to style, they more often than not look far from flattering. I’m so glad that I picked these up, I can’t see myself being so lucky again any time soon! The bag, which is also Zara, is a forgotten favourite of mine. I got it at the end of last year and haven’t given it the cameo that it deserves. I often wear designer bags and tend to stick to bags for months at a time (does anyone really enjoy swapping all of their bag contents out every day?!). It’s modern and subtle. Which worked perfectly for the casual vibe I was going for.


I went to Gucci in Selfridges and picked up a really cute accessory (hence, the bag). Let me know if anyone would be interested in seeing what I got.




Sweater:Sweater:Sweater: Zara (similar here and here)

Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG (US version here and similar here)

Shoes: Zara (similar here – chanel version unavailable online)

Vest:Topshop(similar hereΒ or something a bit different here)

Bag: Zara Zara Zara (can only be found on Depop)

Belt: Gucci (here)


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