My New Dior Sunglasses

Last weekend, finding myself in Selfridges again (that place always gets me), I bought the pair of Dior sunglasses. I’m not sure of thee exact style, and they’ve been really hard to track down online, but I believe they’re called the composite 1.0 in crystal blue.  Have a look, here.

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of reflective sunnies for months, and with summer approaching I am so happy that I found my perfect match. The blue surprisingly works with my skin tone and I think will look even better with a tan. But, mostly, it’s something a little bit different that not everyone will have.


They’re definitely not a lounging on the beach, throw-in-your-bag type of purchase, but I still think they’re super wearable and even though they might not be as sturdy as Raybans, I will still get a ton of wear out of them. I mean, I am a sunglasses fiend so wearability or practicality wouldn’t even stop me…


Because the frame doesn’t hold a lens, it’s one continuous cut, I think they will need quite a bit of up-keep. I’m sure the ridge will attract grime and the reflective mirror will collect dust, not to mention, scratches. But like I said, these are the stand-out pair. The pair I keep in a case in a drawer, rather than display with coffee table books on my bedroom shelves.


As a brand, I love Dior. Would it be too cringey to say, j’adore Dior? Yes, I’m sorry but that had to be done. Their So-Real style were so popular last year and they’ve really pulled it out of the bag this season too. With their new female Creative Director, I’m seriously excited about where Dior will go from here.

Now, I just have to stop myself from buying Dior everything. But I think my bank account might step in, there.

Also, shout out to the lady at Selfridges for being so wonderfully helpful.

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