Casual Sunday | Balenciaga, Gucci and Denim

Anyone who has followed my content for a while knows that I am passionate about flats, comfort, stretchy clothing, pizza (that’s beside the point but anyway). So, finding something that is casual, suitable for just strolling around town and shopping but also looks good is sometimes difficult. I enjoy the challenge, but also get really stuck trying to find new ways to piece outfits together.


I find shoes the easiest thing to make a focus, as well as jackets and handbags. (Not-so) coincidentally, they happen to be what I invest in most. This pair of Balenciaga race runners were something and I saw and instantly new I wanted straight away. They are so colourful (and I never wear colour) but also so so freaking cute. I knew they would make any outfit look better and in about 5 minutes I was walking away with them. Again, Selfridges is to blame! You can find some different colourways here, here and here.


My Gucci Dionysus bag has been my staple since I got it a year and a half ago. I hardly swap it out for one of my others as it’s just such a firm favourite of mine. It makes every outfit look extra luxe and the gg repeat pattern is just unbeatable. I especially love how it looks with light denim.



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