A Quiet Weekend…

A quiet weekend is just what I needed and who better to spend it with than my better half. We often start our weekend with a stroll to one of our favourite local spots. It’s perfect for picky couples like us who are 50% vegetarian and 50% omnivore.

Rosie’s is the type of place that anyone can find whatever they need that day. A cosy place to meet with friends or a quiet spot to get some work done. An overflowing smorgasbord salad bowl or a perfectly formed english fry-up. A matcha latte, iced mocha, simple OJ or green smoothie.

Can you tell how much I adore this place? I’ve been coming here since it opened and I’ve been meaning to rave about it ever since so now it’s getting its very own, long-awaited spotlight.

The avocado on toast is perfect. Avo-to-Bread ratio is unbeatable.  Joshua almost always opts for a bacon sandwich and (his favourite ever) orange juice from Daily Dose.

On week days I swing by early and grab a salad to take with me for lunch and a double shot almond milk latte.

Most of the time we grab a bite to take away, but this time, when our train was cancelled last minute we decided to eat in and watch the world go by from the front bar.

We wandered around central London. I love the atmosphere there on a weekend and it was even better that it was gay pride. We both completely forgot that it was on Saturday so it was a nice surprise to see the streets filled with music and overflowing with crowds.

We stopped for lunch at Dishoom in Carnaby street. I didn’t take a ton of snaps of the meal (because I forgot) but I’ll give you guys a little lowdown of our experience and my recommendations.

We weren’t greeted by an exceptionally friendly front-of-house staff but once we were seated our waitress was lovely and made our visit really enjoyable. Our waitress recommend the mango and fennel lassi, and on a scorching day in town, it was perfectly sweet and refreshing and everything I was looking for.

Mango and Fennel Lassi at Dishoom Carnaby Street

The curries are so light and fresh – completely different to the usual take-away style. They actually one have two curries (dishes with sauce) on the menu which I assume is so they can be made fresh. And the quality really does show. There is so much to choose from, everyone will be spoilt for choice. Even a veggie and an omnivore.

Top Tip: Don’t leave without trying the gunpowder potatoes. Thank me later, they’re life-changing.

Now time to walk off that naan.

Percy Street, Fitzrovia

We walked off our lunch with a stroll around Fitzrovia. It’s a beautiful and relatively peaceful haven in the middle of central London madness. Especially on a Sunday, it’s very much a sleepy hideaway filled with coffee shops and small boutiques. Plus, there’s a million and one amazing places to eat and drink the day away.

It’s Instagram heaven, which is essentially me and Josh’s paradise.

Genuine question. Has anyone managed to walk past the Liberty florist without taking a picture? Asking for a friend…

I’m sure you have all been spammed with pictures of this gorgeous floral display outside Liberty’s main entrance on Great Marlborough Street but in my opinion, it just can’t be seen enough.

If I wasn’t rather conscious of the fact that buying flowers is essentially paying for something that will disappear in about a week or so (and you’ll never get that money back) then I would fill my entire bedroom with Liberty’s beautiful roses, peonies and hydrangeas. The colour selection is just unbeatable.

When you’re in the hustle and bustle of London it’s a nice little pocket of beauty.

What did you guys get up to this weekend? If you’re London-based, what are you favourite Saturday and Sunday spots?

I’m going to try and keep this blog more updated and be less strict with content categories. I’d rather keep in more constant contact rather than wait for inspiration to come my way.


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